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A group of people with high ambitions, inclusive of all rivers, in the pursuit of everlasting foundation, with bold exploration, hard work spirit, and people-oriented management philosophy
Committed to casting the brand connotation of a century-old Qunsheng and a humanistic Qunsheng.


Company spirit:bold exploration, dare to take risks, forge ahead hard, benefit the society
Business philosophy:excellence, honesty and trustworthiness, leading the trend
Management policy:Brand-based enterprise, technology-based enterprise, management-based enterprise
Quality policy:provide customers with satisfactory products and good service
Company slogan:Quality first, safety first, I do better!
Quality goals and commitments:based on ISO9001 standards, regard quality as life, strictly control the quality of the production process, and ensure that the products are at the leading level in the domestic industry

Humanistic feelings

Human resources are the precious wealth of Qunsheng Group and the resource for the development and growth of the enterprise. Qunsheng Group deeply implements the "people-oriented" concept, and through a series of employee care actions, it infects employees with warmth and unites employees with warmth, so as to cultivate employees' sense of identity and belonging to the company, stimulate their willingness to work, and improve company employees Dedication.

Qunsheng Charity

       For Qunsheng Group, in addition to grasping the macro development of the enterprise, making it bigger and stronger, and benefiting the society, public welfare has become a very important part of the development of the enterprise. Qunsheng Charity Fund's internal donations are mainly to help employees in difficulties, medical assistance and reemployment assistance, and externally, they are mainly donations to students, hope projects, poverty alleviation and disaster relief, assistance to the disabled, green environmental protection and other activities.

       "Advance and benefit the world" is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, and it is also a higher state of business management. An enterprise cannot just be a money-making machine, but should become a "citizen" of a society and a responsible enterprise. Charity and charity is a great entrepreneurial spirit and a noble humanistic feeling. Use a simple sentence to summarize the kind deeds of the group promotion: "Drink water and never forget the well digger!"

Charitable activities