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Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises

        QUNSHENG DOORS & WINDOWS CO., LTD is a large national holding company focusing on industrial investment, real estate investment and financial investment. Founded in 1989, the company's strength has been growing, with a modern standard workshop covering an area of 1.6 million square meters. it has won the honors of "Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises" and "Top 100 Chinese Private Enterprises Service Industry".

        Qunsheng Group strictly conforms to strategic planning, integrates internal resources, optimizes industrial structure, and makes full use of resources to enhance the core competitiveness of various investment fields.

        Entering the new century, Qunsheng Group keeps pace with the times, making major adjustments in its development strategy, and establishing Qunsheng Real Estate Holding Co., Ltd. and Financial Investment Co., Ltd. After a few years of development, Qunsheng Real Estate Holding Co., Ltd. has entered Zhejiang, Fuzhou, Guiyang, Shenyang, Hainan and other places. Among them, Fuzhou Qun Sheng International, Shenyang Xintiandi, Guiyang Jinyang red street and other projects were awarded the "real estate contribution model real estate", "Shenyang's ten investment value award", "China's real estate investment value Diamond Award" and many other honors.

        Qunsheng group will become the brand of China's large-scale housing distribution supplier through sustainable intelligent, scientific and diversified management methods. Looking forward to the future, Qunsheng Group strives to become China's first-class urban real estate comprehensive operator with the purpose of low-carbon living, happy life and harmonious coexistence; by 2025, with the manufacturing industry as the core, the real estate and finance "two wings fly together" development strategy, trying to build a home furnishing building materials kingdom.



Founded in 1989


million ㎡

Modern standard workshop



Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises



Top 100 Chinese Private Enterprises Service Industry

Boldly explore, dare to take risks, work hard, and benefit the society

        Twenty years ago, the Yaojiacheng ridge at the northern foot of Lizhou was deserted. However, there were two simple workshops, built-in smelting blast furnaces, and countless employees sweating like rain, sparks splashing, and fruitful results. This is the birthplace of Qunsheng Group's predecessor-Yongkang Chengbei Foundry. After many trials and hardships. During the storm, the factory collapsed and the equipment was damaged. All the staff were united in a rush to repair the equipment. In just a few days, rebuilding the factory and resuming production are rare. The spirit of Qunsheng-"Boldly explore, dare to take risks, work hard, and benefit the society" was born from this.

        Go south to Guangzhou, north to Qingdao, Gu Yue Xiangzhou Zhengrong. Over the past ten years, Chengbei Foundry has worked hard and painstakingly managed, and eventually became the leader of the domestic gas stove burner foundry industry, setting a high position in the industry in one fell swoop, and realizing capital accumulation in the entrepreneurial stage. The spring breeze from the south, the great man's speech, private enterprises ushered in the second peak of entrepreneurship, seizing the opportunity, corporate transformation, Chengbei Foundry in 1989 conformed to the market, established the Yongkang Security Equipment Factory, becoming one of the four anti-theft door manufacturers in Yongkang County at that time .

        The big wave washes the sand, fights the wave, and the Chinese side shows the heroic qualities of the tide. It is another ten years. The Chengbei Foundry has been upgraded to a large non-regional enterprise-Qunsheng Group Co., Ltd., under the jurisdiction of Qunsheng Door Industry, Qunsheng New Energy, Qunsheng Real Estate, Qunsheng Investment, Longyou Jupeng, etc. Many subsidiaries, more than 4,000 employees, paid more than 100 million yuan in tax revenue, and set countless firsts...
        Inherit the tradition and carry the future. The road ahead for Qunsheng will be hard and long, with a halo of honor, and even beyond the dream of "aircraft carrier", and the career of Qunsheng will be passed on from generation to generation.


China's Top 500 Most Valuable Brands in 2019 Qunsheng Group ranks 206.Zhejiang ranks 14th with a brand value of 28.036 billion yuan.

The common choice of millions of real estate companies around the world
Qunsheng was established in 1989 with a registered capital of 140 million
Qunsheng's industry covers manufacturing groups, real estate business groups, and financial holding groups. Qunsheng was rated as one of the top 500 private enterprises in China
Qunsheng is a participating unit of "Guide to the Application of National Affordable Housing Doors and Windows"
Qunsheng participated in the formulation of the industry standard for "Steel-wood Interior Doors for Construction" issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Qunsheng participated in the formulation of the standard for "Technical Requirements for Environmental Labeling Products, Wooden Doors and Steel Doors"
Qunsheng is a participating unit of "Production and Installation of Building Doors and Windows-Steel Doors"
Qunsheng is a participating unit of the product standard "T-shaped doors for construction" in the construction industry. Qunsheng is the executive vice chairman unit of China Wooden Door Technology Alliance.