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Time flies, the white horse flies. From being the "home" for thousands of households to the "national" of the group's various products, Qunsheng has undergone tremendous changes for 30 years. The long-standing Zheshang Taoism for thousands of years, "willing to", "harmonious", "win-win", "low-key", "dare to break", is the driving force and beacon of Qunsheng's development, and has given us great spiritual wealth. Today's Qunsheng undoubtedly inherits this fine tradition, integrates into the business philosophy of modern enterprise harmony and win-win, boldly explores, dares to take risks, and benefits the society at the same time, creating a century-old Qunsheng brand.
        Private enterprises are proficient in vision and better in execution. Qunsheng's 30-year development process has rarely achieved a combination of vision and details. Once upon a time, Qunsheng was a more diligent company than many of its peers. Relying on a low-key, diligent, and pragmatic style, surpassing outside ideals and ambitions, he worked hard and worked hard to start a business in the ups and downs of the capital market. The achievements of the past 30 years come from the market's trust in our brand, from our sincerity to customers, from our tireless pursuit of product quality, and from our self-confidence in our bones!
        Qunsheng’s ups and downs in the capital tide also implies a certain inevitability. It is "dare to break" that allows Qunsheng to see opportunities and achieves today's Qunsheng national expansion; it is "diligence" that makes Qunsheng avoid arrogance for 30 years. Impetuous, a business strategy covering multiple industries, together with other outstanding private enterprises, determined to sneak into the golden age of China's great economic leap forward.
        Today, the times have given this country a higher mission, as well as a greater responsibility for the private economy. In the face of a changeable environment, in addition to having a firm belief and a high sense of responsibility, double diligence than others is our ultimate magic weapon! This is also our experience of starting a business for decades!
"Yiqun a hundred years, ascend the dream", Qunsheng will continue to correct the shortcomings of the past, with the forever young spirit, regard each day as a new starting point, down-to-earth, draw a beautiful blueprint!